Gilmore Girls: A Year in the life or How could you Netflix?

I was beyond excited for the new Gilmore Girls series produced by Netflix since it was announced. And I know, I was not supposed to get my hopes up because it has been 8 years and I am older and they are older but come on, of course I did.

And I was – though not entirely but massively – disappointed. I like Netflix for what it originally was: an online subscription service to watch movies and series. And I liked the new ways it was developing by making their own series and movies. But I will never, ever forgive them for ruining one the main things I was excited for in 2016.

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The Knife of Never Letting Go by Patrick Ness

They came as settlers to this planet but their new life turned out to be more hell than heaven. The indigenous population was defeated in a bloody war and all women died from a sickness that made men’s thoughts open to one another. Todd grew up in this world and can’t wait for his birthday and to finally become a real man and part of his village Prentisstown. But when he finds a place of silence in the swamp, his life is torn apart.

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Book Haul #7

Working in a book shop is a really bad idea if you actually want to not buy books until the end of the year. I tried to be reasonable and only used the 3 for 2 discount at Blackwell in September. But apart from this little splurge, several other books have found their way onto my book shelves somehow. I feel very bad for having aquired so many books again (!) in the last months. The only hope I have is that I still have to read 19 books until the end of the year to surpass my final book count from 2015 and I want to pick them mainly from my tbr instead of going to the library. But enough with the self-loathing, here is my latest book haul.

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