My Current Interior Wishlist

Moving house means a lot of chaos, a lot of packing and unpacking boxes and getting used to a new space. Although this is really nerve racking, it is also exciting because it means being creative and making a new space feel like home. Quite often it is the small things that make a nice atmosphere so I put together a little list of all the things I enjoyed while searching for things for the new apartment. We currently have all the bigger bits and pieces so we’ll be waiting until we find the perfect things to buy the rest and  until we have enough spare time to finish things off with wall paint, et cetera.Weiterlesen »


5 Podcasts you should listen to #1

Podcasts are the thing at the moment. Every blogger and comedian seems to have discovered this new medium. A blessing for me because we moved recently and don’t have an internet connection yet. And while I enjoy playing endless rounds of spider solitaire and minesweeper, it’s much nicer to finally have time to listen to the podcasts I saved on iTunes. Here’s a list of my five favourites at the moment. If you have any other recommendations, leave a comment!

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December 2017 | Reading Wrap Up

No bookish picture today as many of these books were library books from St Andrews and had to be returned before our move and the others were left at my parents house. The move is also the reason why this Reading Wrap Up is posted in almost the middle of January. As you can guess we had some problems getting an internet connection from the start. But I spent my time planning and writing blog posts so you can expect some diverse things in the next weeks.

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2018 New Year’s Resolutions

2018 will bring a lot of changes right from the start. We’re moving back to Germany, this time to Rostock. Into an unfurnished appartment which means space to be creative and to do some of the DIY projects I keep saving on Pinterest. But there’s no new year without the resolutions that should shape the coming months. I’m continuing bullet journaling and trying to set up routines for every day to get reading, exercising, blogging and everything else in.

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November 2017 | Reading Wrap Up

When the future looks uncertain some women get married, others get divorced, yet more buy jewels and hundreds go into hiding. Just a few, a very few, give such opulent balls that the worlds seems for a moment to have titled on its axis. (Anne Sebba – Les Parisiennes)

November saw me not only boxing up my books but also everything else in our house to prepare for the move. It is a strange sensation to move again but I am very excited for all the new things to come. 2018 will be more of a new start than a new year usually is. But let’s not talk about the new year yet. November was also Nonfiction November, a challenge hosted by the lovely Olive at abookolive and Gemma at Non Fic Books to make people read more nonfiction. I practically raided my local library for reading material. Although I like nonfiction I don’t read too much of it during the year so this challenge is a great idea. I learned lots of new information in those weeks and if you did not participate this time I implore you to do so next year. Or just put the odd nonfiction book on your christmas wishlist and snuggle up with it on the couch on christmas day after eating way too much food and not being able to move anyway.

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October 2017 | Reading Wrap Up

October seems to be the first month it becomes reasonably acceptable to stay in and read with a hot mug of tea beside you instead of going outside because of the weather. I fully embrace this and can’t wait for the winter months to follow although they come with early sundowns which is a pity if you actually want to do something. October sported a variety of books  including sci-fi, thriller, a Margaret Atwood novel that has not been adapted by Netflix/Hulu yet (won’t take long I assume) and one „novel of the century“ that no-one has to read ever again in my opinion. Interested? Than please read on…

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Susan Sontag – On Photography / The Rolling-Stone-Interview

Susan Sontag is famous for her essays on aesthetic in photography, literature, and art. Her interviews with the Rolling Stone magazine had been published in book form in Germany at the end of last year and could be seen everywhere. On Photography made it unto my reading list a little later. This will be a combined review, but please keep in mind that it has been some time since I’ve read them both.

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