Susan Sontag – On Photography / The Rolling-Stone-Interview

Susan Sontag is famous for her essays on aesthetic in photography, literature, and art. Her interviews with the Rolling Stone magazine had been published in book form in Germany at the end of last year and could be seen everywhere. On Photography made it unto my reading list a little later. This will be a combined review, but please keep in mind that it has been some time since I’ve read them both.

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August 2017 | Reading Wrap Up

In August, my Goodreads Reading Challenge was completed! (R. felt obliged to congratulate me and told me I seem to have too much free time.)  Some different genres made it onto my reading list this month including a historical romance and a collection of columns. And because of the – as you will see – disappointing experience I had with Hogarth Press I have to ask:

Can you recommend any Shakespeare retellings?

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Reading Wrap Up | May 2017

My best month so far with eight physical books and one audio book. I spent a lot of time at the airport/on the plane/in public transport at the beginning of the month and got a lot of reading done. So much that I actually had to borrow books from my family while staying at their house because I had nothing more to read with me. I finished all the books I got from the library as well and I’m planning to just give them back and not take out any new ones because I really got to read my TBR books.

What did you read in May? Let me know in the comments.

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