Reading Wrap Up | July 2017

A short catch-up on my rading in July: My Goodreads Reading Challenge  is at 46 of 50 books, so everything is going great in that aspect and I did my first (and probably only) re-read of the year because I want to continue on with a guilty pleasure series that I started in 2015.

What is your guilty pleasure reading?

Eimear McBride – The Lesser Bohemians // A young Irish girl comes to London in the late 90ies to study acting and becomes involved with an older man. Both try to make their relationship work but dark things from their pasts cannot be left behind that easily. I loved loved loved the flowing, rhythmic writing style although it was hard to get into it in the beginning. The story itself was alright. The characters had a lot of flaws which was supposed to make them more realistic but their inability to learn from mistakes was a little annoying.

William Davis, M.D. – Wheat Belly // Another book about food and like Amelia Freers Eat. Nourish. Glow it’s demonising the element of its disapproval: in this case Gluten. Davis thinks every ailment known to men can be traced back to Gluten. But I think his biggest mistake in thinking is his either/or tendency: No Gluten at all or lots of it. Of course you shouldn’t be eating huge amounts of whole-grain foods but it is healthier than nutrionless, empty calories as in white toast for example. Davis is too radical and sees his method as the holy grail, trying to convince you with stories of his patients that he healed completely by restricting their gluten intake.

Jun’ichiro Tanizaki – The Makioka Sisters // I haven’t really read anything Japanese since my Manga days have been over so this was a nice act of reminiscence. The writing style is calm and reserved, almost unemotional. I think that nicely depicts the Japanese culture (or at least what I know about it). The story takes places at the time of WW2 but the war in Europe is never really mentioned. It is more about the changes in society and what that means for families such as the Makiokas who are conservative and old-fashioned and have great problems adapting to a morel liberal way of life.

Cherie Priest – Boneshaker // A Steampunk novel for my Popsugar Reading Challenge but I didn’t enjoy it. The Klondike Gold Rush has started Seattle on the way to become a prosperous city. But a machine designed to help the mining creates havoc, destroying half the city during the test run and releasing a gas from the earth that turns people into zombies. The zombie aspect was what I didn’t enjoy about it but mainly because it is such a dried up topic nowadays. It was a nice change though that the main character was a mother trying to rescue her child and that there was no love story.

Edgar Allan Poe – Short Stories // A collection of Edgar Allan Poe’s short stories. I enjoyed some of them, others not as it always is with short story collections. But even the ones I enjoyed started out good and scary but the endings were always lacklustre and boring. The twist were never as surprising as they were supposed to be. So far, Poe can’t live up to his fame in my eyes.

Paullina Simons – The Bronze Horseman // My first re-read of the year because I want to continue on with the series. Although it was still a very fast, engaging read, I had a little more problems with the relationship between Tatiana and Alexander and how naive and childish she is described. If you want to hear my thoughts on this, here is my Youtube review of the novel in German.

Miranda Hart – Is it just me? // I love, love, love her series Miranda and after reading this memoir it seems that there really is a lot she has in common with her main character. I can’t believe that all those embarrassing situations really happened to one person. At some points it was laugh out loud funny but could never really take off for me. Still an enjoyable read.


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