Binge Watching #5

Time to talk about some tv series that I am currently watching, have started or think about getting into. Game of Thrones is starting at the end of April again but that one is a no-brainer for me so I didn’t put it on the list. Let me know if you have seen any of these and if so what you think about them. I would also love to hear your recommendations especially for comedy series with short episodes like Modern Family or Friends with Better Lives.

Jane the Virgin // Although Jane has been in a stable relationship with her boyfriend Michael for two years, she is determined to keep her virginity until they are husband and wife. When she gets accidentally inseminated by her gynecologist, things go crazy in proper telenovela fashion. I just adore this tv series for its humour and because it’s so over the top. It makes fun of themes and techniques of South American telenovelas but manages to make the viewer long for dramatic revelations and supersweet love scenes nonetheless.

13 Reasons Why // Before Hannah Baker killed herself, she made 13 tapes listing the reasons and people responsible for her decision. Clay who was in love with Hannah is devestated when he is given these secret tapes. What could he have done to belong on these tapes? I read the the novel by Jay Asher a couple of years ago and remember to have liked it. The series has been highly anticipated and was done really well in my opinion for a younger audience. I do have issues with it, especially with Hannah as a character but it is an important discussion of mental health and bullying. We finished it so I might do a proper review soon but I would recommend the series.

Three Wives, One Husband // A little guilty pleasure on my side. It is a Channel 4 documentary about a fundamentalist Mormon community in Utah in which men marry more than one woman. It is a very strange culture and their reasons and beliefs seem so weird to me. Of course, the documentary has been done overly dramatic and emphasises the problems in the relationships. But it was still interesting to get a look into this religion and a community that seperates itself from society to live in a way they seem fit and how each person struggles with the situation.

The Crown // I have been a huge fan of ITV’s Victoria series (You can find a German review here) and can’t wait to get my regular dose of British aristocracy so I naturally had to start The Crown. We’ve not got very far yet but the acting is incredible and the style of the series is a pleasure to watch. You should definitely have a look.

Girlboss // A Netflix original based on the book by Sophia Amoruso, the founder of American online retailer Nasty Gal. I picked the book up from the library but have not started it yet but heard only great things about it on the interwebs. The first episode was a nice start but Sophia is a very flawed character. I do like that it’s short epsiodes of about 30 minutes. There are not enough series that you could watch while having lunch or dinner without having to sit down for an hour. It’s supposed to tackle topics that would interest young women at my age like failing, picking yourself up again and being a #girlboss. I’m interested to see where it’s going.


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