Book Haul #8

Some new books made it unto my bookshelves this year already. As if I could pass an opportunity with a voucher on my birthday? And some great finds in the British Heart Foundation store on International book day? And a visit to a great second hand bookstore in Inverness? Yes… you can see that I have absolutely no control over my love for books…

Margret Atwood – The Blind Assassin // After reading The Handmaid’s Tale in January, I was intrigued to read more by the author. The Blind Assassin is a story within a story and starts with the amazing and enthralling sentence: „Ten days after the war ended, my sister drove a car off the bridge.“ How could this not be intruiging?

Jun’ichiro Tanizaki – The Makioka Sisters // In my teens I was a huge fan of Japan and mangas but had never picked up a novel from a japanese author. It’s such a different culture and I hope it will be really interesting to read about it. The Makioka Sister belong to a very traditonal family but in the days before World War II they have to face their declining fortune.

David Mitchell – The Bone Clocks // I’ve watched Cloud Atlas back in 2013 and loved it. This novel by David Mitchell has been published last year and was loved by many bloggers as well. It takes place over six decades and follows the consequences of one moment in the life of Holly Sykes.

Howard Jacobson – Shylock is My Name // As part of the #shakespeare400 project by Hogarth press, Howard Jacobson wrote a retelling of Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice. I read the play in school and saw the adaption with Al Pacino so I am interested to see how Jacobson transfers its topics such as Antisemitism to modern society.

Philipp K. Dick – The Man in the High-Castle // This piece of Science Fiction literature has been widely discussed since the novel was made into a TV series. I’ve seen the first episode and was intrigued by the concept but have not managed to watch more of it yet. I picked up this copy in a charity shop on International Book Day and will see if I manage to pick up the book first.

Miranda Hart – Is it just me? // Miranda Hart’s show on British TV called Miranda is one of the best comedy series in my opinion. It’s hilarious and cringe worthy and I can imagine that the character and the actress as quite alike. I really hope  her biography is an entertaining read.

Nick Hornby – The Polysyllabic Spree // A book that has been on my wishlist for years. It contains essays and reading lists by Nick Hornby as well as interviews with other great authors.

Michael Chabon – The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay // Bought solely because it is on the Rory Gilmore Reading Challenge list. And because Leaky’s, the second hand bookstore in Inverness is just too amazing to not buy something there. It tells the story of young Jewish magician Joe Kavalier who fled to the US from Nazi-occupied Europe and his cousin Sammy Clay. Together they want to tell stories of heroes in America’s new literary gerne: the comic book.

Carlos Ruiz Zafón – Die Stadt der Lichter (The City of Lights) // The new and last installment in Zafóns Barcelona series. When I heard that this was published I immediately pr-ordered it; something I don’t do very often. I’ve already read it and think it’s a great ending to the series. Although I realized that I must have missed reading the third book. An error that will soon be corrected.

Mark Gatiss – The Vesuvius Club // A book that has been on my wishlist for quite a while – since the start of Sherlock to be exact. I love Mark Gatiss as a writer for Sherlock and Doctor Who so when I heard he wrote a novel I had to have it. It was finally picked up in a charity shop this week. It’s a crime novel about a secret society, dead vulcanologists and the most well-named and most daring secret agent: Lucifer Box.


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