Gilmore Girls: A Year in the life or How could you Netflix?

I was beyond excited for the new Gilmore Girls series produced by Netflix since it was announced. And I know, I was not supposed to get my hopes up because it has been 8 years and I am older and they are older but come on, of course I did.

And I was – though not entirely but massively – disappointed. I like Netflix for what it originally was: an online subscription service to watch movies and series. And I liked the new ways it was developing by making their own series and movies. But I will never, ever forgive them for ruining one the main things I was excited for in 2016.

Because Netflix took Gilmore Girls, the perfect, hilarious series and ate it up, spit it out and presented it like the best present you could wish for. This might sound harsh and I am sure that’s due to me being an absolute fangirl, but I did not enjoy these four episodes.

It was trying too much to be like all these other new feminist series that everybody seems to like and I just hate. Like Girls. I am not a fan of Lena Dunham and if she is the image of the millenial than we are screwed.

And to calm my rant a bit – and because I already thoroughly presented this to everyone who would – or would not – listen, here are my reasons (and some of the aspects I liked):

Where’s the funny banter? I guess that the new duration of the episodes (90 minutes instead of 45) gave the creators a hard time. There are scenes that are just too long and which don’t make me laugh or make any sense in the story (For example, what was that strange musical?). That took time away from what made Gilmore Girls so special: the fast, funny talks between Lorelai and Rory.

Where are the books and movies? I can’t remember Rory holding one book throughout the four episodes. Books – and movies – have been such an important part of the original series (as the Rory Gilmore Reading Challenge can attest to) and this was not incorporated at all.

Why is Rory such a mean bitch? She never was the sweet kid you always had in mind if looked more closely (she did cheat on two of her three boyfriends after all) but sleeping with Logan although both of them had partners? And what was that Paul/Peter/Pete thing? It was fun (but mostly disturbing) the first time but why drag it out? And I never took her for the type that would go to a job interview completely unprepared.

The Last four Words. Honestly, I enjoyed the end of season 7 way more than this. How could they have thought about doing that to Rory after she would have just finished college? She has so much potential that she at least partly realized in those 8 years but getting her knocked up right after graduation? Screw you, Amy Sherman-Palladino.

Of course there were I few things I liked as well:

Seeing everyone again, even if it was just for a few seconds like Sookie. It just gave me a warm, fuzzy feeling to see their faces again and be reminded of the many hours I spend with them. I didn’t know how much I wanted to see the Life and Death Brigade again until Finn and Colin turned up again.

Luke and Lorelai finally getting their relationship to the next level. I was on the point of actually punching my laptop when it seemed like none of the characters made any improvements. And although that wedding scene was the weirdest thing ever, I was extremely happy.

The way they included Edward Hermann’s/Richard’s death in the series. He was such a big part of the original series and his passing was incorporated perfectly into the new episodes.

And that’s all I am going to say about this series. I will just act like it never happened. If you want to hear more about my  obsession with the older and way better Gilmore Girls episodes, I would suggest this post.


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