Travel | Manchester

At the end of october we visited a friend in Manchester. Although my vlogging skills are not really developed yet, I captured some scenes from our weekend getaway. But of course we discovered lots of other nice spots in the city which I have to share with you.


We went into the Museum of Manchester to see the two mummies which made my little childhood-me with it’s passion for everything Egyptian very happy. We also went into to Football Museum which was a lot of fun but more structured towards children. (And we found it a bit upsetting that the receptionist tried to bully us into giving donations.) The John Rylands library looked like a film set of Harry Potter – and while we’re speaking of movies I was told that they shot a short scene of Captain America – The First Avenger in Manchester, if you want to know some trivia. But just walking around the city will show you many interesting things. The city is still trying to re-model their working-class history by finding new uses for all their deserted factories and is developing into quite a hipster place – but not in the bad sense of the word, more like the alternative, artsy type.

Eat and Drink

Manchester has some really great bars and we could only visit a few. We went to Stoker’s Arms, Mary & Archie and Volta. All of which I can thoroughly recommend. Food wise we had a delicious dinner in Greens, a vegetarian restaurant. Try the vegetarian black pudding with mayo – It’s so good! That compensated me for lunch at Almost Famous where I had a Mac&Cheese Burger which tasted as gross as it sounds. On Sunday we had breakfast at Takk in the Northern Quarter which is well worth the wait if it’s busy. Pot Kettle Black has really tasty coffee and Cold Brew as well but we can’t recommend the brownies, they were a bit dry.


One thing you have to know about Manchester: There are no postcards. You could probably find some, but it’s not like theirs hundreds of tourist shops on the main street selling the same kind of cards at the same price as in many other cities. The shopping possibilities as a whole didn’t blew me away. But one place you should visit is Affleck’s. It’s a big alternative department store where they sell all kinds of clothing, jewellery and accessories. My fourteen year old self would have been in heaven because it was like the german EMP magazine come to life and a little bit nostalgia is never bad.



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