Wishlist | Top 5 Books

Today, I want to show you the five books that are very high on my wishlist right now. Although I won’t be buying these anytime soon, I hope I will be able to check them out of my local library.

Mathias Malzieu’s first novel „The mechanics of the Heart“ is a beautiful, phantastic story about a boy who grows up with a cuckoo clock instead of a heart. He’s told to be wary of girls as heartache might break his heart. But of course he falls in love. It was such a delight to read the first book and I’m happy that Mathias Malzieu wrote a second one called „Die Metarmophose am Rande des Himmels“ („The Metamorphisis at the Edge of Heaven“).

I really have to get back to watching „Downton Abbey“. I am two series behind and have seen some spoilers in the meantime which is making me even more excited for the episodes. But fall is a great season to cuddle up on the couch and watch some historical fiction. Until then, Fiona Carnarvon’s „Lady Almina and the real Downton Abbey: The Lost Legacy of Highclere Castle“ seems like a good thing to get back into the atmosphere.

Neil Gaiman is a great writer. His novel „American Gods“ has been made into a tv series which will air in 2017. It’s been too long since I’ve read anything by him so his latest novel „The Ocean at the End of the Lane“ should definitely be on my wishlist.

Carlos María Domínguez’s „The House of Paper“ has been on my wishlist for years. And I have honestly no idea how I came to know this title. At the beginng of the novel, Bluma Lennon, professor for Latin American literature is hit by a car because he is to immersed into Emily Dickinson’s poems. What a start. A few weeks later, a strange parcel arrives for him and his successor at the university goes to Buenos Aires to find the sender. South America + a book about literature? Perfect combination.

I read Eva Stachniak’s novels about tsarina Kathrine the Great in the last year and loved them. Romance, a fight for power and Russia as the perfect backdrop for all of that. I am pretty excited for her other novels so „Dancing with Kings“ is high up on my wishlist for my tbr in winter. Born in Turkey, Zofia Potocka married into the Polish nobility and became a confidante to Catherine the Great. Same setting, different people. You can count me in.

Which books are high on your wishlist at the moment?


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