What’s New in Cinemas? | #3/2016

Summertime is usually a period where a lots of Blockbusters hit the screen. Kids are on holidays from school and what better way for a parent to spend the day  and keep the occupied for a while and to escape from the sun (Germany) or Rain (Scotland) than to watch something in the cinema. Reason enough for me for a new installment of my series „What’s New in Cinemas?“. Today, I will show you my favourite picks for the months of July and August.

The Neon Demon | 8/7

When sixteen-year-old Jesse moves to LA, her big dream is to become a model. But the business is no playground. Soon her dream becomes a nightmare of lust, rivalry and violence. A surreal horror thriller that will keep you at the edge of your seat.

The trailer reminds me of Black Swan with models. I haven’t seen Nicolas Winding Refn’s first big hit Drive yet, but the praise he received made me put it on my watchlist. And Elle Fanning is an actress to be watched – her big sister Dakota should be aware of sibling competition.


Finding Dory | 29/7

You didn’t think I would miss the movie we have been waiting for since Nemo escaped the dentist in 2003, right? This time, the story revolves around the sympathetic, but forgetful Surgeonfish Dory who is searching for her family.

Sequels tend to be less amusing then their originals but I am still hoping that Finding Dory will be an exception.

Suicide Squad | 5/8

After watching Deadpool, I was a tiny bit disappointed with the movie especially after all the attention it received during its marketing. It just didn’t live up to my expectations. Suicide Squad recieved a lot of attention as well and I hope that it will not have the same fate. A ragged band of bad superheroes – including Deadshot and Harley Quinn – have to work for the government – or die. Jared Leto is following  in big footsteps and his turn on the Joker will be the hit or miss point of the whole movie, I think.

400 Days | 19/8

We have seen a lot of psychological thrillers set in space lately (See my blogpost on movies set in space here). In 400 Days, a group of astronauts will spend 400 days in a bunker designed to prepare them for the isolation and narrowness of space travel. But soon, everything begins to go array.  When a man enters their compound they drive him out but disover the outside world to be desolate and covered in dust. Are they hallucinating or are strange things really happening?



Other Movies:

The BFG (22/8) | Up for Love (5/8) | Nerve (11/8)


3 Gedanken zu “What’s New in Cinemas? | #3/2016

    • Das hört sich doch gut an. 🙂 Sind noch unschlüssig wie wir es machen. Haben eigentlich keine Zeit um den Film in Deutschland zu schauen, aber sind so an die deutschen Stimmen gewöhnt.

      • Es war auch hier für mich erst etwas seltsam, die französischen Stimmen zu hören, aber die waren gar nicht so weit von unseren Stimmen entfernt. Man gewöhnt sich schnell um, finde ich ^^

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