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The word Wanderlust is used to describe a strong wish to travel. That is exactely how I feel most of the time. Seeing new places, diving into different cultures is one of the best experiences. But like most people, I can’t jump on board of a plane or train whenever I feel like it. So today I will show you some of my favourite travel vloggers, bloggers and instagrammers to satisfy your wish for the far-away at least a little bit.

Louis Cole’s motto is Live the Adventure. Since 2012, the English daily vlogger takes us along on his adventures across the world. At the moment, he is in Montana with a group of friends, exploring the wide country of the middle west in their bus, the Wanderbug. Volcanoes, high railway bridges or Hobbiton in the early hours of the day – the places he visits couldn’t be more different and exciting. Louis is slowly starting to build his own brand with Shirts and Sweaters bearing his motto and a Living the Adventure-Club where travel aficionados as himself can connect with each other.


WoWOne year of travelling – this was what Brooke Saward from Tasmania, Australia had saved up for. Today, she is the owner of the World of Wanderlust Website and travels the world on a regular basis, writing and vlogging about it. On WoW, you can find hotel reviews, city bucket lists or book tips. A number of posts are about the issue of solo travelling and the little tips and tricks she discovered along her way, such as „How to get strangers to take good travel photos (of you!)“. Brooke wrote a book about her one year of solo travel and will be publishing another one with Penguin Randomhouse at the end of 2016.


The last one might be a no-brainer but the STA Travel Instagram Account is one of the most Wanderlust-inducing parts of my everyday. Just looking at the first few pictures from Xian, Kuba or Paris makes me want to run to STA and book a flight just about anywhere. And I can definitely recommend STA for students because they always offer some kind of discount or special price. We booked our Morocco holiday in our local office and it was amazing as you can rememer. (If not, click here.)


Who is your favourite Travel Blogger, Vlogger or Instagrammer?

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